Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 5th

Johnny, Janel, and Avery decided to come to Utah to visit!! As you can see from the pictures Avery and Peyton were inseparable. lol

We had such a good time hanging out. I wish it didn't have to be few and far between. Hopefully we'll figure out our next trip together soon.

I'm already craving guacamole!!!

This is a group picture of all of us getting together. Johnny, Janel and Avery on the left, then us with Peyton, Mike, Lisa, Clint, a few others I didn't know, then Cyndi with Payton, and lastly Dave with Kennady.

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Nobles Family said...

that was so much fun!! ya--why didn't we get any pics of just the girls??!! cause the boys were too busy goofing off maybe??!! miss ya :)