Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Post Today!! I promise!

Sorry!! One more post. Things have been hectic lately. Today we had Carter's football team party. We went to a park and had a bbq. They had a water slide for the kids to play on. It was to rowdy for Peyton with all the big kids but Carter loved it. Peyton found a sandbox and got plenty dirty - as you'll see with the pictures. I gave them a bath when we got home and there was actual "sediment" on the bottom. Yuck.

Birthday Party for Don and Ronda

After Snowbird we had a family birthday party to go to. It was Clay's step-dad Don's birthday on Friday and his mom Ronda's birthday Saturday. Patty and Don came to visit from Washington. It's always so good to see them. I wish they lived in Tooele! My kids love them to death.


We went to Snowbird on Saturday with my parents. It was so beautiful up there. It's something I never get used to. We're so lucky to live by the most amazing mountains and views. All the rides were fun too. ;)

Oh! And Clay had the funniest conversation with a chipmunk! Literally!! If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it. My dad, Clay, and I were at the top of the tram and walking around. We saw this cute little chipmunk and Clay decides to try to communicate. LMAO!! It worked. He did some weird clicking noises - then the chipmunk repeated it exactly!! Each time his tail would twitch to the beat too. It went on for a good 30 seconds before Peyton scared him away. I wish I would have recorded it. Next time. lol

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tim McGraw Concert

I went with three of the most amazing people I know. My BF and sister, Christine, and my other two BF's Neely and Sonia. It was so much fun to hang out and let loose. We went to dinner first and Sonia managed to get knocked out by someone's purse. lol. It was hilarious. Some older lady was walking by with a HUGE suitcase of a purse and turned around and WHACK!! Knocked her solid. We all had a good laugh at her expense. And just before that Christine decides to harass some stranger - thinking that the girl is her friend. Needless to say, that girl was pretty upset. Her and her friend gave us the most lovingly evil looks I've ever seen. Poor sister. This was a great evening and I'll never forget it. Thanks girls!! I love you all!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

20 Years
I've been tagged by my friend Cathy so here it goes...

20 Years ago I was.....

1. 8 years old
2. Playing with my next door neighbors Doug and Dan. Night-games are the best!!
3. tormenting my sister

10 Years ago I was....

1. Just graduated high school
2. excited to be out of high school
3. Working at Discover Card
4. building a house in Tooele

5 Years ago I was....

1. Finally happy!!
2. in love with the man of my dreams
3. mom to a 1 year old little boy
4. trying to make a good life for me and my son

3 Years ago I was.....

1. Married!!
2. A new mommy to Peyton
3. Carter was only 3 - Where has the time gone??
4. a stay-at-home mom
5. living in a little 1000 sq. ft. house. lol

1 Year ago I was......

1. Trying to figure out how kids grow so fast
2. ready to try something new (Scentsy)
3. Meeting some of the best friends I've ever had (you know who you are)

So far this year....

1. I've been busy with sports and kids
2. we've gone camping as much as possible but never enough
3. Started Blogging.
4. Trying to enjoy every moment I have with my kids

Yesterday I...

1. Did laundry - 4 loads!
2. Started a new book - The Suspect
3. Watched Clay pull weeds outside. ;)
4. Worked on cards for one of my card clubs
5. Talked to my mom, sister, Carter, and various friends online

Today I.........

1. Sat outside and laughed at Peyton (see previous post)
2. got to chat with Sonia
3. Checked my email, and posted this blog
4. will make dinner and visit with the family
5. will try to read more if I get a chance

Tomorrow I......

1. Am going to lunch with my parents
2. Going to dinner and Tim McGraw!!!! Yay!!!
3. Will give my friend Neely a huge hug!! I missed ya!!

I tag Kristy, Tiffany, and Jen.


Peyton played in the sprinklers today. I was concerned about how much time he'd actually spend playing in the sprinklers. I was right. He barely got wet. lol. He had fun though. He spent most of the time drawing on our driveway with chalk and dodging the sprinkles that would come from the lawn. I was cracking up. I made him throw a couple of his toys in the grass and go get them. He was smart. He'd wait for the sprinklers to shoot the other way and run like mad to get them before the sprinklers came back. Today was a good day.

A little late....

Here are some pictures of us with Clay's family the Friday before Father's Day. We went to a little restaurant in Stockton. I was a little nervous but the food was amazing. It was good to see all the family. We don't hang out nearly enough - Danielle. ;)

Here is a picture of us with Don (Clay's step-dad), Danielle, and Ryan

This is the girls in the family. From the left: Danielle, Lisa, Ronda, me

This is the entire family minus Ronda. Don't ask me why we didn't have someone else take the picture for us. This one from left, us, Danielle, Don, Ryan, Lisa, Clint, Kim, and Tom.
Like I said, I wish we could hang out more!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Look How Cute!

I took these pictures on Saturday. Peyton was sitting on the bench for a good 20 minutes just looking at everything. I swear, he didn't move an inch! The neighbors were irrigating so I think he was involved in that. And I did notice a bird on the lawn in the picture. I don't remember that when taking it. This picture is taken in the back yard at my mom and dad's house. I just think it turned out so awesome with the sun and everything.

Father's Day pictures to follow soon. I'm still waiting on MIL to send them to me! lol.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day Craft

We had a great Father's Day craft with the Tooele Mommies today. It was a lot of fun and something really original. We bought some empty quart paint cans from Home Depot and customized them from our kids to the dads. The tins had a quarter (in case dad gets lost and needs to call home), a ban-daid (in case he gets hurt), an envelope with stamp and an empty sheet of paper (so dad could write a letter to each child), a fingerprint (so dad knew who he belonged to), their hands traced out with a string tied on a finger (so dad would remember they were thinking of him), a picture of each of them, a picture that the kids drew doing their most favorite activity with dad, a letter that each of them personalized themselves, and a few "kisses" (Hershey's).

We ended up decorating them at home because I've been finding every excuse I can to use my Cricut. lol. What better way than to make these tins look amazing? I had some great paper and stickers and cutouts so the kids customized them exactly the way they wanted. To top it all off they each wanted to give Dad something very special. Carter ended up putting his football medal in the can. I was completely shocked because that's his favorite thing ever. He wears it almost every day. He said he wanted Dad to have it because it was special to him. And what do you think Peyton gave Daddy? A horse, of course!! lol. He had quite a few to choose from but he had to find one small enough that would fit in the can and one he knew Daddy would love.

We celebrated Father's Day today because Carter will be leaving us for 3 weeks to stay with his dad. Don't talk to me about it. I'm already sad. We had a "picnic" in our front room on the floor and watched a movie. The kids thought it was so fun! We watched The Last Mimzy. Then I made popcorn and we played games. It was an amazing night.

I'm so lucky to have 3 amazing men in my life everyday. I don't know what I would do without them. Each day with them is a blessing from above. I can't tell you how lucky I am. They are the best family anyone could ever ask for.


LeAnn Rimes!!

Okay, first off I have to thank Lisa for taking me with her on this amazing evening. I truly needed it. I can't thank you enough. I absolutely love LeAnn. She's one of my favorite female artists. She's very real and humble. It was awesome seeing her.

Second, she still reminds me of a little girl. She actually got embarrassed a couple of times. She would look down and blush. I loved it! Shows she's not let anything go to her head.

Third, that shirt with those pants IS NOT flattering on me. lol. I was having a rough day, okay? I know a lot of you are wondering why I didn't dress up like I always do. Seeing the picture I wish I had. Next time.

Forth, if any of you know where I can get LeAnn's dress please let me know! I love it!!!!! It went fabulous with her six-inch heels. Ahhhh, only in my dreams....

We had to take our picture by the amazing art piece that was outside the concert hall. It was great getting to go to a private performance. I'll never forget it. Thanks again Lisa for being such a great friend and sister. I love ya.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Camping Trip

We went camping again over the weekend. It was such a good time. Clay's mom and step-dad came to visit with us so that was a nice surprise. We plan on going camping as much as possible this year. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tagged - again. This one is for the kids.

Eight Things About My Kids

1: His front tooth is loose
2: He loves playing football and baseball
3: He just learned to ride his bike last weekend
4: He loves helping dad do "big boy things"
5: He is such a fast learner!
6: He's a great big brother and is always teaching Peyton new things
7: He loves pirates
8: He has the entire Star Wars series and knows them all by heart

1: He looks up to brother more than anyone else
2: His laugh is so contagious
3: He is the most loving boy - he loves to snuggle
4: He will say the funniest things when you least expect them
5: He is entertained with a bucket, a shovel, and a pile of dirt
6: His passion in life is horses. lol
7: He has a great "hunting eye" according to my dad
8: He can't wait to shoot deer with Bapa

K. So now I've done it - again. I'm now tagging Lindsay, Sonia, and Mindi. :) Enjoy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

SATC Afternoon

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow!! Yay! My mom, sis, and me all decided that we wanted to go to lunch and see SATC on Sunday for a little pre-birthday event. (We do that a lot in our family)lol. Sometimes birthdays can last for an entire month. Thanks to my sister for my birthday month last year! Here are a couple pictures of us. It was a really fun day. I love spending time with my mom and sister. We don't do it enough. We went to Iggy's for lunch and had a cosmo (of course). We got dressed up and all of us wore killer shoes. ;) I wish I would have taken a picture of them too. Anyway, just wanted to share a good day with good family.