Thursday, October 23, 2008

Girls Night Out

Rhonda, Cher, and Melissa
Me and Tiff
Cher and Melissa
Last night we had our monthly girls night out. It was much needed. We went to the Olive Garden and our waiter was HORRIBLE!! If you know me well enough then you know I'm cranky when I'm hungry. Well, he got a little of it. :) We got our appetizer AFTER our entree. Explain that one. He didn't come back to check on waters, bread sticks, or anything. Tiffany didn't even get her Coke until we were practically done with dinner. He's lucky he hooked us all up in some way or another or else I would have been really mean. lol. Just kidding. But I really was mad. I'm scary when I'm famished. Thanks Rhonda, Cher, Melissa, and Tiffany for such an amazing night. I really do look forward to it weeks in advance. I'm glad that after all these years we're still good friends. Here's to many more Girls Night Outs!!

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Kristy said...

im glad you girls had fun. of course Tiff comes the night i miss out.