Thursday, June 26, 2008

20 Years
I've been tagged by my friend Cathy so here it goes...

20 Years ago I was.....

1. 8 years old
2. Playing with my next door neighbors Doug and Dan. Night-games are the best!!
3. tormenting my sister

10 Years ago I was....

1. Just graduated high school
2. excited to be out of high school
3. Working at Discover Card
4. building a house in Tooele

5 Years ago I was....

1. Finally happy!!
2. in love with the man of my dreams
3. mom to a 1 year old little boy
4. trying to make a good life for me and my son

3 Years ago I was.....

1. Married!!
2. A new mommy to Peyton
3. Carter was only 3 - Where has the time gone??
4. a stay-at-home mom
5. living in a little 1000 sq. ft. house. lol

1 Year ago I was......

1. Trying to figure out how kids grow so fast
2. ready to try something new (Scentsy)
3. Meeting some of the best friends I've ever had (you know who you are)

So far this year....

1. I've been busy with sports and kids
2. we've gone camping as much as possible but never enough
3. Started Blogging.
4. Trying to enjoy every moment I have with my kids

Yesterday I...

1. Did laundry - 4 loads!
2. Started a new book - The Suspect
3. Watched Clay pull weeds outside. ;)
4. Worked on cards for one of my card clubs
5. Talked to my mom, sister, Carter, and various friends online

Today I.........

1. Sat outside and laughed at Peyton (see previous post)
2. got to chat with Sonia
3. Checked my email, and posted this blog
4. will make dinner and visit with the family
5. will try to read more if I get a chance

Tomorrow I......

1. Am going to lunch with my parents
2. Going to dinner and Tim McGraw!!!! Yay!!!
3. Will give my friend Neely a huge hug!! I missed ya!!

I tag Kristy, Tiffany, and Jen.


The Howick Family said...

am I the Jen you are tagging or is it someone else??? that was fun to read though Angie!

Kristy said...

thanks for my comment on todays means alot!